Why Is A Car Oil Filter Important?

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Why Is A Car Oil Filter Important?

Oil filters have a key function in prolonging the life of your vehicle.  All the moving components in the engine essentially require clean oil in order to properly lubricate them.  


What is an oil filter?


An oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants that get accumulated over time such as metal, dust, carbon etc. The oil filter’s job is to basically remove these contaminants from your engine. This ensures that your engine stays clean and operates smoothly. 


Oil filters play a massive role in making sure that all oil that is moving through the engine is of the best premium quality. If any contaminant gets into the oil, the engine’s components can become heavily worn.


Why is it important to change oil and filter?


Routine vehicle maintenance will invariably improve the health of your engine thereby increasing the longevity of your vehicle. When you have your oil and filter changed at regular intervals, you are less likely to reduce the strain on your vehicle’s engine which in turn diminishes the chances of engine-related issues in the long run. 


Moreover, oil sludge can build up in your engine over time that can cause serious damage to your engine. This can then prevent oil from getting transferred around your engine efficiently. 


Signs of Poor Oil in your Vehicle


  • Overheating Engine
  • Clicking or tapping sounds
  • Pressure light on dashboard 
  • You Smell Oil Inside the Car


If you notice any of the above signs then it is highly advisable to get in touch with a mobile car mechanic near you.


The importance of oil filters cannot be underestimated. The right proportion of engine lubrication will essentially ensure improved fuel efficiency, and decreased emission thereby not only saving you money but also helping the environment. 


Oil changes are quite simple and indispensable, and one of the most highly imperative things you can do to keep your vehicle from aging prematurely. A premium oil filter and premium motor oil function and operate together to allow our vehicles to run more smoothly and efficiently.

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