Engine Overhaul and its Benefits

Engine Overhaul

Engine Overhaul and its Benefits

An overhaul can also be called an engine rebuild. It is a brilliant option for engines that aren’t too old or overly worn out but are still facing complications.

In most cases, an engine overhaul essentially fixes any issue with your engine and invariably saves you a significant amount of money as opposed to having your engine replaced entirely.

All the vital parts and components of your vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and checked when an engine overhaul is done. During this process your mobile mechanic can easily notice minor issues that you weren’t able to spot earlier.

Therefore, thorough inspection of the engine ensures your vehicle is in optimum working condition.  


Signs you need an Engine Overhaul

  1. Too much smoke from tailpipes
  2. Loss of Compression
  3. Excessive Fuel Consumption 
  4. Knocking sound
  5. Loss of Engine Power
  6. Vehicle Producing oil patches

If you notice any of these signs, it is wise to do an engine rebuild as soon as possible. Catching these issues early will be key in increasing your vehicle’s lifespan and in keeping your vehicle running efficiently for a long time.


With so many parts, there is undoubtedly going to  some sort of damage that may occur in the engine. An overhaul technically means removing the engine out of the car, and taking it apart to get to the insides, particularly the rods, pistons and bearings etc which all need to be essentially replaced with new components. 


Any vehicle component manufacturer will advise you that preventive maintenance and measure is vital to the component’s longevity. Like any other auto parts, car engines aren’t designed to last forever. But you can definitely optimise the engine’s lifespan by making sure routine preventive maintenance is carried out.  


The engine technically converts energy into useful mechanical motion. This incredible machine is what essentially keeps your car moving. Doing an engine rebuild is sometimes vital for your vehicle to function efficiently and smoothly.


To make sure your vehicle is in best working condition for peak performance and efficiency, an overall tune-up is absolutely imperative and should never be avoided. To have your engine inspected by expert mobile mechanics in Lincoln, get in touch with Mechanic On Demand.