Why Is It Important To Replace Brake Pads?

Brake Pads

Why Is It Important To Replace Brake Pads?

Brake pads are a vital component of your car’s brake system; they are the parts that contacts and applies pressure and friction to a car’s brake rotors. Typically, a basic car model has two pads on each wheel, the front, and the rear. However, there are a few cars that utilise two pads in a single wheel, which makes them a total of eight. If brake pads don’t function properly, other parts of your vehicle, such as the discs, rotors, and calipers will start to get adversely affected. It is highly imperative to ensure your brake pads are in good working condition, and routinely maintaining & replacing them at the right time will not only save you from costly repairs, it can also save you from getting into unfortunate situations. Getting regular mobile mechanic service done will ensure every vital component of your car is running smoothly – this will not only save you money but guarantee utmost safety.


So when do your brake pads require change? There are many evident warning signs that potentially indicate that your brake pads may need immediate attention. Some of these include:


  • Loss of grip when braking
  • Mild vibrations on the brake pedal during braking point
  • A soft or low brake pedal
  • Shuddering through your steering wheel when braking
  • A screeching sound when brakes are applied
  • Your brake system warning light flashes
  • Drop in braking efficiency


The above points will let you have a clearer picture of when a potential brake pads change is required. 

Undoubtedly, brakes perform an important function for the driver and need to be regularly maintained for it to work smoothly at all times. The brake calliper, brake pads, and brake rotor are the most essential parts of a vehicle’s brake system.


It doesn’t matter what the brake pads are made of – it could be made of metal, ceramic, or even composite materials, they all tend to wear out with time. Most cars are equipped with sensors that inform the driver of worn brake pads whereas some brake systems call attention to themselves by vibrating or screeching and various other pointers mentioned above. When these indicators are ignored, it can not only cause serious damage to the rotors but also pose a threat to the life of the driver. 

If the brakes look worn out or lose performance, they should be replaced. If there is any unusual scraping or squealing noise coming from the car’s brake system, it is wise to have them checked right away by a professional mobile mechanic. Functional and brake pads in good working condition are key to safe and predictable braking. Wearing out of brake pads depends on numerous factors and there is technically no set interval for the change which is why it’s highly recommended to have routine car maintenance done to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly at all times.