Car Fluids – Maintenance and Its Importance

Car Fluids – Maintenance and Its Importance

The best way to ensure your vehicle is in good working condition between major inspection is to check the fluids yourself. It’s quite an easy and inexpensive method to avoid any engine wear or damage. 


Fluids play a vital role in predominantly every component of your vehicle, including fuel economy and longevity. Keeping them at the optimum level will definitely help your vehicle last longer and drive smoother. 


Automobiles are made up of complex components that essentially require routine care and attention in order to operate smoothly. Moreover, beyond simple mechanics, these components are further made up of subsystems that also typically require routine tune-ups. Without a doubt, one of the most important elements of vehicle functioning is fluid maintenance. Your automobile has various kinds of fluids for the different subsystems of your vehicle’s makeup, and it can cause serious damage that will end up being very expensive and time-consuming to repair when any one of these fluids becomes dirty or functions way below the optimal level. With the help of a skilled mobile car mechanic; routine fluid maintenance can be done easily.


Then following fluids are vital to protecting the life and longevity of your car and making sure that it operates in optimal condition.


  1. Motor Oil – The main purpose of the motor oil is to lubricate various moving components of your engine. 
  2. Transmission Fluid – It basically acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts inside your transmission.
  3. Brake Fluid – Also known as hydraulic fluid; it operates under high temperatures and pressure and, without it, your vehicle would be unable to stop when you push the brake pedal.
  4. Power Steering Fluid – It keeps your vehicle’s power steering operating smoothly by keeping it lubricated as well as generates a force that enables you to turn the wheels.
  5. Coolant or Radiator Fluid – The coolant in your engine is responsible to remove the excess heat through the radiator.

Fluid maintenance is a preventive measure that extends the longevity of your vehicle. It’s wise to get your vehicle routinely inspected and diagnosed by a skilled mobile car mechanic to ensure your car is running and operating smoothly at all times.