Tyre Rotation & Its Importance


Tyre Rotation & Its Importance

Most car owners avoid the important steps that are required to ensure their vehicle in excellent working condition at all times. If proper inspections are not carried out at regular intervals then the problems in your car will unfortunately become worse and more expensive to fix or repair, this could also be very dangerous to the owner and passenger. Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, Mechanic On Demand, provide their customers with professional car maintenance service and a convenient way to fix their vehicle at the convenience of their location. 


A vital element in routine vehicle maintenance is tyre upkeep and safety. Tyre rotation technically involves moving tyres from one position on a car to another. A typical tyre rotation involves moving the front tyres to the rear, and the tyres at the rear of the car to the front. To sum up, it is regular repositioning of your vehicle’s tyres in certain patterns; either from front to back or side to side. 


Rotating your tyres at regular intervals essentially provides you with a perfect opportunity to not only ensure they are in good working condition but you can also check the air pressure and inspect them for any damage. 




There are a plethora of reasons why tyre rotation is an imperative part of regular car maintenance tune-ups. To begin with, by regularly rotating your vehicle’s tyres, wear can be spread evenly across all  the four tires which will effectively lead to their tread life getting maximised. Moreover, evenly worn tyres ensures that the tread depth on your tires are consistent, which can essentially aid in keeping traction. This will positively enhance braking performance and keep your car safe for driving.

Lastly, if your car has all-wheel-drive, even tread wear lowers the pressure on the drivetrain, thereby reducing wear on expensive drive elements. 


Tyre wear that is uniform is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of balanced handling. To give a brief idea, if the tyres of a four wheel drive isn’t rotated on a routinely basis, it will inevitably result in the front tyres having predominantly less tread as compared to the rear tires. In any unfortunate situation, this could possibly make the car more challenging to control, especially if the road is slippery.




The tyres will wear out at different rates – this heavily depends on whether the car you’re driving is rear, front or an all-wheel drive. Routine rotation will not only help even out wear and prolong the life of your tyres, it also guarantees that all four wheels of your vehicle are in optimum driving condition.

Your tyres are essentially the most vital part of your vehicle as they are actually moving you along the road. Driving often can naturally lead to a lot of wear which is why tyre rotation is necessary to even out the wear. Getting your tyres rotated is key to getting the best performance from both your tyres and your vehicle. If you are unable to remember the last time you had your tyres rotated or had a thorough vehicle tune-up done, get in touch with the best Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, Mechanic On Demand, for quality service and a well-rounded inspection of your vehicle.

Brake Pads

Why Is It Important To Replace Brake Pads?

Brake pads are a vital component of your car’s brake system; they are the parts that contacts and applies pressure and friction to a car’s brake rotors. Typically, a basic car model has two pads on each wheel, the front, and the rear. However, there are a few cars that utilise two pads in a single wheel, which makes them a total of eight. If brake pads don’t function properly, other parts of your vehicle, such as the discs, rotors, and calipers will start to get adversely affected. It is highly imperative to ensure your brake pads are in good working condition, and routinely maintaining & replacing them at the right time will not only save you from costly repairs, it can also save you from getting into unfortunate situations. Getting regular mobile mechanic service done will ensure every vital component of your car is running smoothly – this will not only save you money but guarantee utmost safety.


So when do your brake pads require change? There are many evident warning signs that potentially indicate that your brake pads may need immediate attention. Some of these include:


  • Loss of grip when braking
  • Mild vibrations on the brake pedal during braking point
  • A soft or low brake pedal
  • Shuddering through your steering wheel when braking
  • A screeching sound when brakes are applied
  • Your brake system warning light flashes
  • Drop in braking efficiency


The above points will let you have a clearer picture of when a potential brake pads change is required. 

Undoubtedly, brakes perform an important function for the driver and need to be regularly maintained for it to work smoothly at all times. The brake calliper, brake pads, and brake rotor are the most essential parts of a vehicle’s brake system.


It doesn’t matter what the brake pads are made of – it could be made of metal, ceramic, or even composite materials, they all tend to wear out with time. Most cars are equipped with sensors that inform the driver of worn brake pads whereas some brake systems call attention to themselves by vibrating or screeching and various other pointers mentioned above. When these indicators are ignored, it can not only cause serious damage to the rotors but also pose a threat to the life of the driver. 

If the brakes look worn out or lose performance, they should be replaced. If there is any unusual scraping or squealing noise coming from the car’s brake system, it is wise to have them checked right away by a professional mobile mechanic. Functional and brake pads in good working condition are key to safe and predictable braking. Wearing out of brake pads depends on numerous factors and there is technically no set interval for the change which is why it’s highly recommended to have routine car maintenance done to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly at all times.

Importance of Routine Vehicle Tune-Ups

Tune-ups are advantageous in numerous ways and keeps the vehicle in great working condition and invariably ensures better performance over the years. It’s highly vital to have routine tune-ups done whether you own a car with an older ignition system or a new one. If you constantly avoid it, you will run the unfortunate risk of having your vehicle run poorly. An efficiently tuned vehicle will run smoothly and perhaps cut the cost of your fuel consumption. Given below are a few of the reasons why car tune-ups is essential:


Prevent Unfortunate Events 

By ensuring your car is thoroughly checked during a tune-up, the chances of unfortunate incidents happening such as accidents, breakdowns etc are avoided. Tyres, brakes, oil, engine and other essential things, in general, need to be regularly checked to ensure hassle free drive on the road. Without routine vehicle maintenance, there is a lot of uncertainty and complications regarding the condition of the vehicle and you won’t be able to take it on long trips without getting it checked.


Extend the Life of your Car  

Any mobile mechanic would highly recommend you do routine car tune-ups to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition for a longer period. Routine tune-ups will definitely increase the performance of a vehicle and invariably keep the parts in better condition to last longer. Tune-ups are without a doubt much cheaper than purchasing a new car after every couple of years. Any owner would want the vehicle to have a longer lifespan and for that purpose tune-ups are vital.


Smooth Drive Without any Hassle

Your tyres are undoubtedly the most essential parts of your vehicle. If you’re driving on the highway or taking a trip to the mountains, go on a long trip, worn treads can make it really difficult for your tyres to grip the road. Leading Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, Mechanic On Demand, will effectively diagnose your tyres for proper inflation and wear patterns to make sure your car is absolutely safe to drive. Therefore, routine tune-ups will not only extend the life of your car but may help prevent breakdowns on the road. 


Increase Efficiency 

Last but not least, another important benefit of a professional vehicle tune-up job is the undeniable fact you can enhance your vehicle’s efficiency. It’s highly imperative for you to understand that with time, some engine parts tend to get loose, thereby invariably affecting your vehicle’s functionality and performance. To ensure your vehicle runs smoothly again, get a routine tune-up from mobile mechanic in Lincoln – Mechanic On Demand. 


To have a smooth running car and reduce the chances of getting costly repairs done, observe routine car inspection from a professional mobile mechanic. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and money. Hence, it is important to get your vehicle regularly checked by a mobile mechanic as it will invariably improve your engine’s performance and may drastically reduce any vehicle repair costs. 

engine overhaul

Does Your Automobile Require An Engine Overhaul?

For engines that aren’t fairly old or excessively worn but are still experiencing issues – an engine overhaul is an exceptionally great option. An engine overhaul can effectively fix any issues with your engine and save you a significant amount of money over having your engine replaced altogether.


It is not a major expense or inconvenience to have your engine overhauled. It is usually best to have an overhaul done when there is any sign of wear to the engine bearings. With all the issues that can happen with your engine, it is recommended to always make sure to go to scheduled maintenance tune-ups. Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, ensure your vehicle is running as smooth as possible with regular engine maintenance and diagnosis


When a car’s engine begins to sound ‘unpleasant’, when it idles, while it is accelerating, or as it turns off, then it’s high time you may require an engine overhaul. If your car runs too hot, or smoke is billowing from the exhaust pipe, it could invariably lead to serious engine damage. It is hard to say without a check-up from a leading mobile mechanics in London like Mechanic On Demand. An engine overhaul consists of taking your engine apart, cleaning it up and replacing any damaged engine parts or seals, and then putting it back together like new. 


Here is a list of some of the common signs that indicate that you need to rebuild your car’s engine:

  1. Excessive Smoke: Your smokestacks or tailpipe shouldn’t have a large, visible amount of smoke coming out of it. Just keep an eye on the tailpipe and be aware of any unusual smoke or if a large amount of it is blowing out of your tailpipe.
  2. Knocking Sound: The knocking sound is generally caused by excessive clearance between the cylinder bore and the piston. It’s never a good sign when a knocking sound gets louder when you rev up your vehicle. 
  3. Oil Consumption: Excessive oil consumption, combined with low oil pressure, implies that you have a problem with your engine that a rebuild might be able to solve. These problems are generally associated with the space between different engine parts.
  4. Compression Loss: If your car is misfiring, it’s an evident sign that you may have compression loss which will only be repaired by doing an efficient engine rebuild. Not only is misfiring frustrating, but it is highly harmful for your engine’s health. So it’s imperative to make sure that you pay attention to when starting up for any signs of misfiring.


If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it would be ideal to do an engine rebuild as soon as you possibly can. Resolving these problems early will prove vital in keeping your vehicle running smoothly for a long time. Do you require help with engine maintenance & diagnostics? You don’t have to look any further or do it all on your own – get in touch with the leading Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln today to find out what they can do for you.

Tyre Care

Why Tyre Care is an Integral Part of Car Maintenance

Tyre maintenance is highly imperative. Many reasons contribute to tyre replacement, including punctures, cuts,  damage, cracks, bulges, impacts, overloading. For the same reasons as mentioned above tyre inspection must be carried out on a regular basis. It’s usually recommended to get the vehicle inspected at least once a month. Mechanic On Demand in Lincoln use modern and quality tools in tyre maintenance to ensure nothing but the best results are achieved in mobile mechanic service. There are a couple of vital things that have to be factored in to ensure best & quality care of your vehicle’s tyre:


Tyre Pressure: Tyre pressure is an integral aspect of automobile performance. It essentially aids in directional stability and ensures comfort when driving. It also addresses safety issues effectively when cornering or applying emergency brakes. Therefore tyre pressure helps in general maintenance of the vehicle.


Tyre Rotation: Tires wear out over time, they are not permanent. The main reason of tyre rotation is to ensure that tyres wear evenly. Read tyres don’t wear out faster than the front tyres as there is more pressure on the outer edge of the front tyres when you make turns. Tyre rotation essentially can extend tyre life. 


Tyre Alignment: Wheel alignment will also extend the life of your tires. Incorrectly aligned wheels are also stated to be one of the root causes for uneven and premature tyre wear. Factors that contribute to the weight distribution of your automobile and road conditions can invariably lead to unevenness in the tyres, which can eventually cause further uneven tread wear because of which the vehicle might  vibrate while in use.


Tyre Tread: What holds you on the road is essentially the tread of the tyre. Vehicles can be unfortunately unsafe to drive when the treads have been worn out making it even more difficult to drive during rain or snow. Mechanic On Demand in Lincoln provide best mobile mechanic service & quality automotive repair experience to ensure your ride is always safe.


Timely maintenance and diagnosis of your tyres is vital as it can help protect your auto investment by making each drive as smooth, hassle-free & safe as possible. Mechanic On Demand in Lincoln provide quality & efficient mobile mechanic service that’s delivered to you on time and on budget! 


Regular visual inspection of your tyres is highly essential. Air loss, vibration etc are indicators that one or more of the tyres need immediate attention & repair. If you are not completely clear or aware of the condition of your tyres, contact Mechanic On Demand today!

How Often Should I Change My Engine Oil?

The general rule of thumb regarding oil change intervals has always been every 6000 miles. Even though you may not see any oil leaking, engines can and do burn small amounts of oil that are not noticeable. Always try to keep your oil level between the hi / lo lines on the dip stick and never overfill your crankcase.

When in doubt you should always follow what your vehicle owners’ manual says regarding oil change intervals. Newer vehicles use a computer to calculate the life of the oil based on driving conditions, driving style, air temperature, traffic conditions and multiple other factors. This allows owners to change their oil much less frequently than the recommended 6000 miles. Often times these vehicles will go 10,000 or even 12,000 miles before the oil change light comes on.

Changing your oil every 6000 miles is still a safe bet, albeit an expensive one. Try to get into the habit of checking your oil every time you fill up with gas. Stopping at the gas station is good reminder and it gives you something to do while the gas is being pumped into your car! Remember that engine oil is the life blood of your vehicle. Of all of the maintenance tasks a person should be doing regularly, making sure the engine oil is full and changing the oil and oil filter on a regular basis is probably one of, if not THE most important. Today’s cars and trucks are very reliable and built to last a long time with the proper maintenance.