Brake Pads – What are they & when to replace them?

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Brake Pads – What are they & when to replace them?

What are brake pads and how do they function?

Brakes perform a very important role for the driver and undoubtedly needs to be well-maintained so that it functions at optimum levels at all times.

It’s essentially composed of friction material that is bonded to a robust steel backing plate. When you press on the brake pedal, the brake pads apply friction against a metal disc that basically brings the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. Because of this constant friction, brake pads eventually wear down requiring regular replacement.

If the brake’s responsiveness starts to fail, they should be immediately looked into and replaced. For example, if there are any unusual squealing or screeching noises coming from the brakes, have them instantly inspected by a mobile car mechanic right away. Effective, functional brakes is the key to safe driving.

What happens when your brake pads start to deteriorate ? 

Each time you use your car’s brakes, you are basically causing a substantial amount of wear and tear on your brake pads. This friction invariably causes the protective coating to wear away gradually overtime from the brake pad. Having said that, as your brake pads get thinner with each use, it is highly imperative to get them immediately replaced. Without effective brake pads, other components of your care, such as the discs, calipers etc will begin to deteriorate. Maintaining functioning brake pads is vital to avoiding not only very expensive repairs but also unsafe driving conditions which is why it’s necessary to be able to notice the signs early on. Listed below are some warning signs one should look out for to know when their vehicle’s brake pads need replacement:

  • Squealing Noise
  • Brake pedal vibrates when pressed/ Jittery braking
  • Brake system warning lights
  • Reduced responsiveness or fading


Other warning signs whilst driving are longer stopping distances and when the brakes are applied your foot sinks down closer to the floor. Because brake pads wear and deteriorate overtime, you may not instantly notice the fall in performance, that’s when a skilled mobile car mechanic can help. 


Our mechanics are mobile, which essentially means that they don’t have the overhead that auto repair shops generally have. They offer professional and skilled mobile mechanic service at the comfort of your location.