Tyre Rotation & Its Importance


Tyre Rotation & Its Importance

Most car owners avoid the important steps that are required to ensure their vehicle in excellent working condition at all times. If proper inspections are not carried out at regular intervals then the problems in your car will unfortunately become worse and more expensive to fix or repair, this could also be very dangerous to the owner and passenger. Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, Mechanic On Demand, provide their customers with professional car maintenance service and a convenient way to fix their vehicle at the convenience of their location. 


A vital element in routine vehicle maintenance is tyre upkeep and safety. Tyre rotation technically involves moving tyres from one position on a car to another. A typical tyre rotation involves moving the front tyres to the rear, and the tyres at the rear of the car to the front. To sum up, it is regular repositioning of your vehicle’s tyres in certain patterns; either from front to back or side to side. 


Rotating your tyres at regular intervals essentially provides you with a perfect opportunity to not only ensure they are in good working condition but you can also check the air pressure and inspect them for any damage. 




There are a plethora of reasons why tyre rotation is an imperative part of regular car maintenance tune-ups. To begin with, by regularly rotating your vehicle’s tyres, wear can be spread evenly across all  the four tires which will effectively lead to their tread life getting maximised. Moreover, evenly worn tyres ensures that the tread depth on your tires are consistent, which can essentially aid in keeping traction. This will positively enhance braking performance and keep your car safe for driving.

Lastly, if your car has all-wheel-drive, even tread wear lowers the pressure on the drivetrain, thereby reducing wear on expensive drive elements. 


Tyre wear that is uniform is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of balanced handling. To give a brief idea, if the tyres of a four wheel drive isn’t rotated on a routinely basis, it will inevitably result in the front tyres having predominantly less tread as compared to the rear tires. In any unfortunate situation, this could possibly make the car more challenging to control, especially if the road is slippery.




The tyres will wear out at different rates – this heavily depends on whether the car you’re driving is rear, front or an all-wheel drive. Routine rotation will not only help even out wear and prolong the life of your tyres, it also guarantees that all four wheels of your vehicle are in optimum driving condition.

Your tyres are essentially the most vital part of your vehicle as they are actually moving you along the road. Driving often can naturally lead to a lot of wear which is why tyre rotation is necessary to even out the wear. Getting your tyres rotated is key to getting the best performance from both your tyres and your vehicle. If you are unable to remember the last time you had your tyres rotated or had a thorough vehicle tune-up done, get in touch with the best Mobile Mechanics in Lincoln, Mechanic On Demand, for quality service and a well-rounded inspection of your vehicle.