Benefits of Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation

Benefits of Tyre Rotation

Routinely scheduled tyre rotation is a vital service that is among those recommended by your mobile car mechanic. Rotating tyres is an imperative maintenance task because it maximises the longevity of your tyres and keeps your vehicle safer for driving overall.  


Tyre rotation essentially entails moving tyres from one position on a car to another. A typical tyre rotation would move the front tyres to the rear, and the tires at the rear of the car to the front.

Most often in this procedure, one set of tyres also changes sides. For example, the left and right rear tyres would change sides when moved to the front of the vehicle, while the front tyres would remain on their respective sides when moved to the rear.

Regularly rotating your tyres also provides you the perfect opportunity to visually inspect and diagnose them for any issue, check their air pressure, have them rebalanced if you’re noticing any vibration etc

There are quite many reasons why tyre rotation is an essential factor of your basic tyre maintenance. To start with, by regularly rotating your tyres, wear is evenly distributed across all four tyres of your vehicle, and their tread life is extended. That’s mainly because each specific position on your vehicle demands a different give from each and every tyre and can in turn lead to more, or less, wear on the tyre. Having said that, it is highly imperative to carry out a scheduled tyre rotation after a decent interval by a skilled and professional mobile car mechanic

In addition to that, even tread wear contributes to keeping the tread depth on your tyres even, which can basically help keep traction followed by consistency across all four tyres when it comes to the matter of handling. This will enhance cornering and braking performance and increases your safety on the road. 

In conclusion, if your car has all-wheel-drive, uniformly worn tyres significantly lowers the pressure on the drivetrain, thereby bringing down the wear on expensive drive parts.